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Paris, France

Lou, Paris 11eme, is looking for motivated and competent individuals that share our enthusiasm for food, wine, and hospitality to become Chef de Parties in our kitchen team. 

lou is the second restaurant opened within this hospitality group,the first location being first location being located in the United States. we are a hard working team of awarded chef's and sommelier's, joining together to add a new type of culinary experience in paris. we are attentive, knowledgeable, caring and forward moving. seasonal ingredients, that focus on recipes with acidity, spice and preservation techniques. lou serves natural wines to best compliment the dishes and to stay in line with our ethos, supporting small business' and farmers alike. we are focused on our community and will continue to host not for profit bake sales and late night menus for out industry peers.  

We are a multicultural team that focuses on inclusiveness towards both our team and community.  we prioritize good teamwork and managers who lead with kindness and patience.. We continuously seek to achieve the best possible work-life balance. Our shared objective is to create and support the ideal working environment for each member of our team.  

Job description 


Chef de Partie works on the line in our kitchen to execute service. Have excellent knowledge of menu creation, whilst maintaining quality and controlling costs in a volume food business. Consults daily with Sous Chef and Executive chef on the daily requirements, functions and about any last-minute events. Guides and trains the subordinates daily to ensure high motivation and economical working environment. 

understanding of fermentation and preservation techniques, comprehension of general protein butchery, health and safety, striving to provide the best of the french terrior with dishes that are clean, elegeant and bright. works with intention and understands how to layer flavors.   

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