What is this?

A simple job board for the hospitality industry in Paris.

Why only Paris?

Because you need to walk before you can run.

Is it free?

For now, yes.

Why do I still find bugs and glitches?

Because it’s a super early beta release. We wanted to put something out there that was complete enough for you guys to start using it but we’re going to fix it and improve it as we go. Please send us an email at hello@hospo.jobs if you run into a problem!

It’s really basic for now, why?

We wanted to go lean startup on this. We both work full time jobs so we don’t have a lot of time to invest in Hospo Jobs. Instead of working on it for months before launching we figured it’d be better to release something basic yet fully functional and take it from there.

Why English?

We struggled about this for a long time. Yes we are based in Paris but most of the restaurants, cafés and bars that we know, like, and hope will be using this job board are from a broad array of nationalities and all speak English. So it makes sense. Ish.